Announced Speakers

Eurachem – A focus for Analytical Chemistry in Europe

You talk, we understand – the importance of a common language of measurement

Vicki Barwick – Eurachem Chair, Head of Commercial Training at LGC, UK
Teaching metrology and examinology in chemistry at the university

Prof.dr. Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva – University of Lisbon, Portugal
National Metrology Infrastructure – support for analytical laboratory activity

Dr. Mirella Buzoianu – Director National Institute of Metrology, INM-RO, Romania
Quality assurance of analytical measurements – a vital element in safety performance in nuclear field

Dr. Elena Neacşu – Management of Radioactive Waste Department, Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering
Uncertainty in the classroom

Prof.dr. Wolfhard Wegscheider – Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria
Good laboratory practice in analytical chemistry

Prof.dr. Jacobus Frederick van Staden– Director PATLAB, Romania
Pros and cons for the laboratory quality management system in the academic environment

Assoc. Prof. dr. David Milde – Eurachem Past Chair, Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic
Basic elements of quality assurance for university graduates – practical needs after a 30-year experience

Dr. Kyriacos Tsimillis – Division of Quality Assurance, Pancyprian Union of Chemists
Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Dr. Bertil Magnusson – SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Internal quality control using the Nordic Trollbook
yesterday, today and tomorrow

Dr. Delia-Laura Popescu – Vice-Dean Faculty of Chemistry, University of
Bucharest, Romania
The importance of the laboratory quality management system in the academic curricula in developing appropriate student competences for our current societal needs

Prof.dr. Cecilia Arsene – Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, Romania
Quality and reliability in analytical chemistry

Prof. dr. Raluca-Ioana Stefan-van Staden Chair of Romanian International Chapter of ACS Head of Laboratory of Electrochemistry National Institute of Research forElectrochemistry and Condensed Matter
Measurement uncertainty and conformity assessment in analytical measurement – considerations for the university curriculum

Dr. Stephen L.R. Ellison- LGC Limited, U.K.
From characterisation to validation, a journey through masters’ level analytical chemistry

Dr Victoria Hilborne – Senior Teaching Fellow at Department of Chemistry, University College London , U.K.
Computerized Systems Validation

Dr. Richard Mulders – Principal Consultant RESCOP B.V. The Netherlands
Open educational resources for teaching environmental analysis

Prof.dr. Camelia Drăghici – Transilvania University of Braşov, Romania