Hourly Program

Tuesday, 14th July 2020, 10a.m. – 4 p.m. (CET)

09:00 – 10:00Opened session for connectivity testing
10:00 – 10:10Prof.dr. Eugenia Eftimie Totu – University Politehnica of
Bucharest, Romania
Welcome address to the first virtual WS Eurachem 2020
10:10 – 10:30Vicki Barwick – Eurachem Chair, Head of Commercial Training at LGC, UK
Eurachem – A focus for Analytical Chemistry in Europe
10:30 – 11:00Vicki Barwick – Eurachem Chair, Head of Commercial Training at LGC, UK
You talk, we understand – the importance of a common
language of measurement
11:00 – 11:30Prof.dr. Cecilia Arsene – Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of
Iaşi, Romania
The importance of the laboratory quality management system in the academic curricula in developing appropriate student
competences for our current societal needs
11:30 – 11:40Coffee Break
11:40 – 12:10Dr. Mirella Buzoianu – Director National Institute of
Metrology, INM-RO, Romania
National Metrology Infrastructure – support for analytical
laboratory activity
12:10 – 12:40Prof.dr. Ricardo Bettencourt da Silva – University of Lisbon,
Teaching Metrology and Examinology in Chemistry at the
12:40 – 13:00Emeritus Prof.dr. Wolfhard Wegscheider –
Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria
Uncertainty in the classroom
13:00 – 13:30Lunch Break
13:30 – 14:00Prof.dr. Raluca-Ioana Stefan-van Staden – Head of
Laboratory of Electrochemistry, National Institute of Research
for Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter, Romania
Quality and reliability in Analytical Chemistry
14:00 – 14:20Assoc. Prof. dr. David Milde – Eurachem Past Chair, Palacky
University in Olomouc, Czech Republic
Pros and cons for the laboratory quality management system in
the academic environment
14:20 – 14:30Coffee break
14:30 – 15:30Breakout sessions
1. Moderator: Vicki Barwick – Eurachem Chair
Teaching quality assurance in analytical laboratories: some
misunderstandings and existing needs, what is missing,
academic issues.

2. Moderator: Prof.dr. Ana Maria Josceanu
Impact of pre-analytical treatment of samples on the analytical
quality provisions.

3. Moderator: Dr. Georgeta Maria Stoian
Data Integrity Practices for the analytical laboratory.
15:30 – 15:40Coffee Break
15:40 – 16:00Breakout sessions reports
Closing remarks Day 1

Wednesday, 15th July 2020 (9:00 – 16:00 CET)

09:00 – 10:00Opened session for connectivity testing
10:00 – 10:30Prof.dr. Jacobus Frederick van Staden– Director PATLAB,
Good laboratory practice in analytical chemistry
10:30 – 11:00Dr. Bertil Magnusson – SP Technical Research Institute of
Internal quality control using the Nordic Trollbook yesterday,
today, and tomorrow
11:00 – 11:30Dr. Kyriacos Tsimillis – Division of Quality Assurance,
Pancyprian Union of Chemists
Basic elements of quality assurance for university graduates –
practical needs after a 30-year experience
11:30 – 11:40Coffee Break
11:40 – 12:10Dr. Elena Neacşu – Management of Radioactive Waste
Department, Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in
Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Romania
Quality assurance of analytical measurements – a vital element
in safety performance in nuclear field
12:10 – 12:40Dr. Victoria Hilborne – Department of Chemistry, University
College London, U.K.
From characterisation to validation, a journey through masters’ level analytical chemistry
12:40 – 13:15Dr. Stephen L.R. Ellison- LGC Limited, U.K.
Measurement uncertainty and conformity assessment in
analytical measurement – considerations for the university
13:15 – 13: 40Lunch Break
13:40 – 14:00Dr. Delia-Laura Popescu – Vice-Dean Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Romania
Quality Assurance in Higher Education
14:00 – 14:20Prof.dr. Camelia Draghici – University Transilvania of Brasov, Romania
Open Educational Resources for Teaching Environmental
14:20 – 14:50Flash Poster Presentation Session
14:20 -14:23 Cornelia Amarandei
Implications of matrix effects in quantitative HPLC/ESI-ToF-MS analyses of atmospheric organic aerosols
14:23 – 14:26 Angela Santilio
Analysis of performance between methods used during inter-laboratory studies in Plant Protection Products
14:26 – 14:29 Gratiela Popescu
Determination of chemical and nutritional characteristics of edible flowers
14:29 – 14:32 Luciana Separovic
Determination of intrinsic and metrological correlations of components of a product – impact on risks of false decisions in conformity assessment
14:32 – 14:35 Daniel Costinel Petre
The dynamic parameters of a microsensor for clinical investigations
14:35 – 14:38 Alexandrina Lungu Moscalu
Validation of Disposable Stochastic Sensors Based on Nanolayer Depositon(s) of Silver, and AgC Composite on Plastic for the Assay of α-Amylase in Whole Blood and Saliva
14: 38 – 14:41 Sorin Sebastian Gheorghe
Validation of a Screening Method based on a Needle Stochastic Sensor for the Determination of Interleukins 1β, 6, and 12 in Biological Samples
14:41 – 14:44 Amalia Stefaniu
Virtual screening of compounds by chemoinformatic tools in the chemistry labs
14:44- 14:47 Madalina Maria Nichitoi
Development and application of a LC-MS/MS method for identification of polyphenols in propolis extract
14:47 – 14:50 Andreea Donise
Statistical methods for quality control of Metaxa cognac
14:50 – 15:00Coffee Break
15:00 – 15:50Richard Mulders – Principal Consultant RESCOP B.V.
Computerized Systems Validation
15:50 – 16:00Vicki Barwick, David Milde, Eugenia Eftimie Totu
Final closing remarks